Interview with co-Founder Tanja Dorn

By July 23, 2020 Uncategorized

Featured recently on our official WeChat channel, QChamberStream founders Tanja Dorn and Bernhard Fleischer were interviewed on the founding, future, and purpose of We’ve reprinted the article with permission here.

Tanja Dorn, thank you for taking time for this interview! How are you doing since March and since everything with Coronavirus? What has been changed in your life?

Tanja Dorn: I am great! Thank you. The biggest change is not going to any live concerts in different countries at the moment, no travel to meet our artists in person and our business partners to dream up new and exciting projects. I have usually been on the road many days per year for the past 15 years. I am particularly looking forward to travel to Salzburg in 4 weeks and hear our pianist Jan Lisiecki in a Beethoven Liederabend together with baritone Matthias Goerne. BUT: it is amazing how now you can reach everyone most of the time at a record speed. This is really wonderful. (Having my 11 year old twin sons at home and not at school is certainly new for me and certainly for them as well). At Dorn Music, we have found ways to use this special time in a very creative way. As always we had an idea we wanted to test out – so we just did it. As a team we have even grown much more together in these past months. I feel so lucky to have such wonderful, super talented, enthusiastic truly wonderful individuals forming our Dorn Music team.

As we know that Dorn Music is a globally engaged artist management agency. How did you come to the idea of QChamberStream?

TD: We wanted to create and maintain artistry on the highest level. Founding Q seemed very natural and logical. The name was Bernhard Fleischer’’s idea. Everybody in the team instantly loved the name. I feel very lucky and we worked very hard for it that Dorn Music is indeed a global company. But also a local one! Therefore we wanted to support local artists of the state of Lower Saxony, where our German office is based. We came up with the idea of a concert to raise money for freelance musicians shortly before the shut down here in Germany. We raised nearly 10,000 Euros which made us all very happy. We literally planned the whole production in 6 days. It was wonderful to see all synergies come together. Our local Hannover newspaper HAZ, CONCERTI, The Violin Channel and the channel of our dear friend Sam Su were all so supportive and took our signal for their viewers to watch our online concert from Villa Seligmann. The KUSS Quartet played Beethoven. Of course without partnering with Bernhard Fleischer and his company BFMI, this all would have been impossible. The livestream reached nearly 60,000 viewers. Viewers loved the fact that it was musically, aesthetically, technically and location wise on the highest possible level. Following this experience and the excitement of our audience Bernhard and I decided to create QChamberstream in late March 2020.

QChamber has reached a wide audience since only April, not only in terms of reach, also you’ve seen a lot of viewers choose to stay with the stream through to the conclusion. Why do you think that is?

TD: With our combined knowledge, deep understanding of the international concert scene, craziness, not taking no for an answer and our enthusiasm and joy for music, Dorn Music and BFMI partnering together was and is a pretty cool and ideal constellation. We share common goals and the same ideas of excellence, quality and strive for perfection and want to create a special and meaningful experience for the viewer while giving the artists a unique platform to show their artistry. Quality is all what matters. This is immediately visible to our audience as well. I am convinced this is the reason why they join us on our QChamber journey. Their excitement level is very high which truly makes us all very happy.

The “Live-Streaming” events are rapidly becoming popular everywhere in such a short time, how would you describe what distinguishes QChamber? And how would you say “Live-Streaming” as a distribution format is already influencing the music industry?

TD: In a time where we have to limit audiences in the concert hall, a combined experience of live and digital will be the only model which will have economic logic going forward.  Q is also an excellent tool to discover each artists audience and potential to develop. We thrive and enjoy building tailored digital campaigns for each artist. This is a wonderful possibility for both the artist and the audience.  At Q you can really get to know the artist prior to the livestream.

How does QChamber select the artists and venues for our streaming?

TD: Also here – highest quality is our rule (-:

What’s the plan of QChamber so far, do you see any opportunity of development specifically in China?

TD: We are particularly excited and feel very honored that QChamberstream is now visible in China. This is absolutely great. My hope and wish is to expand and to create a platform of cultural exchange specifically between China and Europe. We can introduce Chinese artists to European audiences and vice versa. We have so many ideas and can’t wait to partner and get to know all the wonderful artists partially the young artists being groomed by all the wonderful teachers in China.

You’ve mentioned other content as well? How do you see this developing?

TD: Of course! We could stream masterclasses, offer performance and management and programming coaching in China as well if people would like us to and would be excited about it.

The WeChat channel is thrilled that QChamberStream will feature its first Chinese artist, pianist Xinyuan Wang on 19th July, and live from such a wonderfully culture town such as Meiningen!

TD: It is wonderful to see that Xianyuan has such great supporters in Paul Lewis and Imogen Cooper. Both have sent us such great and really beautiful video messages commenting their excitement for his profound artistry and personality. I am very much looking forward to experience his unique artistry and sensitivity live in Meiningen on Sunday and I hope you will all join me!

As a flamboyant, experienced, and respected artist manager, as well as a concert pianist,  would you share some advice for your peers in artist management and artists all over the world during this time?

TD: Be as positive, upbeat and creative as possible and let us find ways together to rethink our classical music world and make it better  and more exciting and give especially young artists more possibilities. This is the time to give it all our energy. Even if it is scary at times we need to continue to dream big and find ways to realize our dreams.