Interview with co-Founder Bernhard Fleischer

By July 23, 2020 Uncategorized

Featured recently on our official WeChat channel, QChamberStream co-founders Tanja Dorn and Bernhard Fleischer were interviewed on the founding, future, and purpose of We’ve reprinted the article with permission here.

Bernhard Fleischer, thank you for taking time for this interview! Our Chinese audience are thrilled to get to know more about you as a co-founder of our QChamberStream.

Bernhard Fleischer: Thanks for having me. The changes have been big and almost non existing at the same time. Basically are we having the same amount of work with much less pay.

Together with your team at BFMI, you are of course one of the leading personalities of the Performing Arts Production scene worldwide. In terms of live streaming is this work on the QChamber format something new for you? 

BF: We are doing live streams since 2015 as a hired hand for other platforms like or others. We never actually wanted to create “our own” platform but found out that what we want to do we can only do by ourselves but with a strong and reliable partner like DORN Music.

As the leader of a professional production team, what does the “Q” in QChamber mean to you?

BF: Q means Quality! Both in terms of the musical performance as well as the technical aspect of the transmission and the filmmaking quality. The Camera, Lights, Sound and Editing are key!

How many staff would be involved in a QChamber stream? How long is the preparation period for each streaming event on QChamber? 

BF: We are permanently preparing. The team is around 10 people.

QChamber has already had excellent results since its inauguration in April, not only in terms of the actual streaming and reach of the concerts. We’ve also seen a great percentage of audience choosing to stay with the stream for the entire duration, which is quite rare. What do you think is the reason behind this? 

BF: It is always the musical performance and the right amount of eye candy by editing to keep the audience watching.

In your opinion, how does the live stream format influence or change the music industry in these times?

BF: It remains to be seen. Our duty is to present the programming in such a way that audiences accept to pay for a presentation.

Our Chinese audience are highly interested in your documentation productions with Chinese artists such as Lang Lang and Yuja Wang. Could you share some of your experiences from working together with them?

BF: Oh, Lang Lang is a wonderful human being and collaborator. I enjoyed every minute of our work. I really really hope to work with him again as soon as possible. Yuja, OMG. We had a great time with her documentary as well as her debut at the Salzburg Festival that we were honored to produce for broadcast. She is spectacular! She also takes part in our recent documentary about the centennial of the LA Phil.

What’s the plan of QChamber so far, do you see any opportunity for development specially in China? 

BF: Definitely. We will take a short summer break and see how we can further explore the Chinese and international market. Chinese artists are getting more and more traction for all the right reasons and we want to share the richness of Chamber and Recital Music with our Chinese and international fans.

It’s wonderful that you will be presenting your first Chinese artist in Xinyuan Wang on 19th July, from such an inspirational and culturally storied town such as Meiningen! What would be your expectation from this recital?   

BF: First and foremost we expect a wonderful interpretation of the repertoire by Xinyuan. We view this presentation as a musical bridge from Germany to China with a great Chinese artist performing from one of the most historic theatres in all of germany. The history of Meiningen cant be overstated. Brahms, Wagner, Bülow played a major role there.

As a leading film producer, the best witness of the music industry’s development and change, would you share a bit of your thoughts with your fellows and artists all over the world during these unprecedented times?

BF: Very simple: Just keep doing what you love with stamina, heart and soul. The rest will fall into place! Pandemic or not, financial crisis or not makes less of a difference!